How To Enable Google Analytics Demo Account?

A Google Analytics Demo Account is very useful. It comes in handy for a variety of reasons. Like testing how to implement a new feature; OR showing someone how to use a report; or testing a custom configuration; or troubleshooting problems with data.


Also called as Google Analytics Merchandise Store Demo Account, a Google Analytics Demo Account refers to a data source that is comprehensive and free, linked to Google’s official merchandise store. Like the fully functional analytics account, it works the same way that any user can access.

A Google Analytics Demo account normally contains one Universal Analytics property and two Google Analytics 4 properties. What makes it a standout is it allows you to get a peek at real business data; experiment with Google Analytics features by checking the properties and the set-up of Google’s online store; and learn and explore the capabilities of Google Analytics?




  • Open your Google Account, if you have already registered for one. After you sign-in, the Demo will be added to your Analytics account  


  • Create a Google Analytics Account, if you do not have an existing Google Analytics Account. Once done properly, then the Google Analytics Demo Account will get linked to your account.


Click any one of the following links based on the property you would like to access first.

A Google Analytics Demo account contains three properties. This can be accessed and enabled by clicking any one of the following links based on the property you like to access and enable first.

  • Google Analytics 4 Property – Google Merchandise Store (Web Data).
  • Google Analytics 4 Property – Flood-It (app and web data).
  • Universal Analytics Property – Google Merchandise Store (web data).

By using the account selector, you can change the other properties at any time you like.

Now, if you’re looking to access and enable Google Analytics demo account using Flood-It Property, then just follow the following steps.

  • View the standard Google Analytics 4 reporting.
  • Explore games reporting in the Flood–It property.
  • Analyze – which channel is responsible for acquiring the most new users’ across different platforms; how many total unique users’ does each business have; and how many conversions have taken place on the Flood-It property app and Google Analytics Store website the previous week.
  • Perform funnel exploration. This will touch upon – where do users’ enter the conversion funnel, and where do they drop off later?
  • Conduct ad-hoc explorations. This can be done by dragging and dropping multiple variables, that is, different segments, dimensions, and metrics used to measure a business, onto a canvas to see instant visualizations of your data.

Likewise, with Universal Analytics Property, you can

  • View all standard reports filled with real data from the Google Merchandise Store.
  • View data from Google Ads and Search Console integrations.
  • Alter reports by adding filters and secondary dimensions; and changing the report view.
  • Compare data ranges for acquisition, behavior, and conversion data.
  • Segment the data utilizing own custom segments.
  • Create own dashboards, custom reports, and attribution models.
  • View pre-defined dashboards and segments imported from the Solutions Gallery.


  • Google Analytics Demo Account is available from the account selector in Analytics. This is where you can also select organization and account links.
  • Google Analytics Demo Account counts against the maximum number of Analytics accounts you are allowed to create under a single Google account. Currently, the maximum for Google Analytics is 100 Analytics accounts for each Google account.

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